Michael Kampouridis


I hold a PhD in Computer Science, which I obtained from the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex. I also hold an MSc in Computer Studies (with distinction), also from the University of Essex, and a BSc in Economic Sciences, from the Department of Economic Sciences from the University of Athens, Greece. I am a member of IEEE, and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

I have also worked as a Research Assistant at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex, under the BT NetDesign project funded by British Telecommunications plc. Furthermore, previous academic experience includes two 3-month research visits to AI-Econ Center, Department of Economics, at National Cheng Chi University of Taiwan.

My research focuses on the use of Computational Intelligence to Business applications, particularly to Finance, Economics, and Telecommunications. If you are interested in it, please feel free to have a look on my research page, which briefly describes my work so far and my future plans. Also, my publications can give you a more detailed idea of the work I have done until now.